Born and raised in Iran and now based in Toronto, Mahassa has been painting since 1992. She studied painting, and theory and history of art under the tutelage and guidance of international and renowned artist, Gholamhossein Nami. During those years she was exposed to new and exciting ideas which gradually formed her  abstract art.
Mahassa was a member of the Association of Iranian Painters for many years.
Leaving her native country behind and immigrating to Canada came with the hardship of building a new life and trying to fit into a new country. With all the difficulties and financial challenges that come with this venture, she was initially separated from her art, unable to afford art supplies which was a soul-crushing experience for her. After a few years, she was able to embrace her art once again and this time, all the ups and downs of her recent years showed in her art, with different elements like heavy textures and patterns that are now part of her signature style.

Curriculum Vitae

Afrand Gallery, Tehran, Iran - Landscape Watercolor, solo - 2000

Arasbaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran - Abstract Acrylic, solo - 2002

Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran - Abstract Acrylic, solo - 2004

Iranian Artists Forum |(Khane Honarmandan), Tehran, Iran - Abstract Acrylic, group - 2001

Arasbaran Gallery - Tehran, Iran -Abstract Acrylic, group -2003

Laleh Gallery - Tehran, Iran - Abstract Acrylic, group - 2004

Iranian Artists Forum |(Khane Honarmandan), Tehran, Iran - Abstract Acrylic, group - 2004

Association of Iranian Painters (AIP), Ghazvin, Iran - Abstract Acrylic, group - 2007

International Online Exhibition (OPENING), Curated by Sergio Gomez, Chicago artist and curator, group - 2021

International Online Exhibition  (ANTITHESIS) Curated by Capital Culture House based in Spain, group - 2022

Online Exhibition (WINTER BLUES) Curated by Art of Emotions Gallery - Toronto - group - Feb10-Mar10, 2022

Online Exhibition (ART AGAINST WAR) Curated by Art of Emotions Gallery - Toronto - group - 2022



       My love for abstract art of any form nourishes my soul daily. My environment’s color, texture, and rhythm inspire me, whether it is an artwork, nature, or even an accidental artistic composition on the street. I see the world around me in an abstract form. It is this fascination with abstract scenes  all around me that I wish to convey to my audience by eliciting those emotions from light, texture, and rhythm that I create in my paintings. Sometimes calm and quiet and sometimes happy and noisy, they’re all me and how I see the world. It happens quite often that when I see those intriguing scenes through my abstract lens while walking around, I hear myself gasping. My hope is to give the same joy and excitement to my audience, touch their hearts and stimulate their senses.